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“ChurchHack 2018”

Guest Speaker: Emily Krill

Christian creatives, visionaries, strategists, theology-nerds, innovators, seekers or closet church-geeks: This gathering is for YOU. What would you change about thechurch [as you know it] to make it a place you call YOUR church? What would you keep the same? What makes worship meaningful for you? We are going to reimagine all this and more in the first ever WELS ChurchHack! Collaborate and advocate for the future of our churches as radical faith pioneers like King David, Jesus, the Acts communities, and Martin Luther did in their day.

Date: Tuesday, April 17th

Location: UW Milwaukee Student Union (Room 240)

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“It's Sunday and it's time for church… but there’s no church of my affiliation near me!”

Guest Speaker: Pastor Tom Bauer

What do I do if I go to a church of a different denomination? Do I stand? Sit? Pray? Sing? Commune? Just what does a Lutheran do? Join us for a Bible Study discussion! We’ll talk about our place in the Holy Christian Church, our confessions and beliefs, and our conduct in churches of different denominations.

About the Speaker

Pastor Tom Bauer likes teaching young adults. He served as a Campus Pastor at Carroll College (now Carroll University) in Waukesha for over a decade. He currently teaches Senior religion and choir at Shoreland Lutheran High School, where he has taught for the past 14 years. The enthusiasm of young people to learn more about their relationship with Jesus is priceless, and he hopes and prays his guidance will be a blessing to your religious conversations!

Pastor Bauer has happily served congregations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Texas during his ministry. He received his formal training for the ministry from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon. He and his bride, Diane, met in high school and have been married for over 35 years. They have three grown daughters and are currently relishing the role of grandparents to Ava.

Pastor Bauer enjoys playing trumpet and keyboards (especially the organ) in his free time, as well as taking care of his dogs and cats. He looks forward to sharing Scripture to you this month!

Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 7-9PM

Location: Marquette Hall (Room 300), 1217 West Wisconsin Avenue Milwaukee, WI, 53233

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“The Ethic of Freedom: Christian Life in a World Given Back To Us”

Guest Speaker: Wade Johnston

The gospel changes everything, including ethics. For Christians, justification - that we are declared not guilty in God's sight by grace and through His gift of faith in Jesus - is the starting point of the ethical life. Justification turns us outside of our otherwise inwardly-turned selves. The result? We see our neighbor and serve him as a channel for God's love wherever God places us in life, in our vocations. In this way, God gives the world back to us as a gift and makes us gifts to our neighbor.

Date: Monday, February 26, 2018, 7-9PM

Location: Wisconsin Lutheran College, Warrior Underground, 8800 W Bluemound Rd., Milwaukee WI 53226

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“A Magician‘s Encounter With Magik”

Guest Speaker: Dan Jaspersen

Have you ever attended a séance? Have you ever witnessed an exorcism?Ever been asked to read a person’s palm? Had lunch with a witch or a beer with a druid? Ever been accused of witchcraft? Dan Jaspersen has. He’s going to talk about it.

Date: Tuesday, January 23 2018, 7-9PM

Location: MSOE Alumni Partnership Center, 1120 N. Broadway

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Sometimes you need to dig through the roof

Guest Speaker: Meghan Brondos

A group of bold believers once lowered their paralyzed friend through the roof of a building so he could meet Jesus. Their friend experienced physical and spiritual healing that sparked change in an entire community. At Kingdom Workers, we see ourselves in that story and we’re inviting you (and people all over the world) to see yourself in a new narrative.

Date: December 8, 2017

Location: Grace Center, 250 E Juneau Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Christ and Culture

Guest Speaker: President Paul Wendland

Where is the dividing line between Christ and culture? We read of some people deciding to spend a year "living biblically"? Are you really living biblically if you decide not to shave and live in a tent? As we study the ancient writings of God's people, how do we determine what was temporary and intended for a particular culture, and what was universal and intended for all people?

Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7:00PM

Location: Marquette University, Cudahy Hall, Room 001, 1313 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee WI.

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“The Ongoing Relevance of Luther’s Educational Reforms”

Guest Speaker: Professor Joel Otto

Martin Luther and his Wittenberg colleagues advocated for radical and far-reaching educational reforms: universal education for all genders,an over haul of university education, the use of the catechism in the local parish and the Christian home. We’ll discuss the theological emphases that drove these educational reforms and see how they are still relevant for today’s students in the 21st century.

Date: October 24th, 2017

Location: Wisconsin Lutheran College, Warrior Underground

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“‘Choosing to Live’ - a discussion about suicide and a Christian mindset”

Guest Speakers: Kurt and Connie Ebert

Have you, even briefly, ever thought about taking your life?  It wouldn't be strange if you had.  A recent survey showed that one out of twelve people ages 18-25 has seriously considered committing suicide, and that number has been climbing.  We Christians don't often talk about this, but we should--both for the sake of our own precious lives, and for the sake of those who are hurting around us.  Come to a presentation that offers hope and counsel from the heart of Jesus.

Speakers:  Kurt and Connie Ebert speak to this issue from the heart; they lost their 16 year old son to suicide in 2008 and have been driven to the sufficiency of God's mercy in their grief.  For the past six years their hope in Christ has moved them to offer a support group for those who grieve the death of someone by suicide.  Kurt serves as a pastor at Christ Alone Lutheran Church in Thiensville; Connie is a teacher and mother of four.

Date: September 19th, 2017

Location: UWM Student Union, Alumni Fireside Lounge

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“God Changed my Mind - My Battle with Rare and Deadly Brain Cancer”

Guest Speaker: Jill Kanzenbach

Jill Kanzenbach may be one of the happiest people you will ever meet. Is she wealthy? Nope. Is she beautiful? Nah, she is about average. Is she drunk or high? Nope. Is she delusional? No. Has she never had anything “bad” happen to her? Absolutely not, even though she had to deal with Stage IV Cancer. Come hear about happiness in times of trouble, and how you can be happy in tough times.

Date: April 25th, 2017

Location: Marquette University, Cudahy Hall Room 001

“Making Sense of Creation and Evolution: Ten Things You Should Know About Evolution and Faith”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Allison Phillips

Date: March 28, 2017

Location: UWM Alumni Fireside Lounge

“Learning from Heroes”

Guest Speaker: Professor / Pastor Clark Schultz

Date: February 21, 2017

Location: Warrior Underground, WLC

“In a State of Grace: Making Sense of my Depression in College”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Hannah Wagie

Date: January 31, 2017

Location: MSOE

“Forward in Faith”

Date: December 9, 2016

Location: The Grace Center, MSOE

Guest Speaker: Brandon Wichman

“Christian Judgment without Being Judgmental. In a culture of "tolerance"”

Guest Speaker: Prof. Paul Kelm

Christians are challenged to be discerning, to exercise sound judgment; but we are also asked to speak the truth in love, to avoid being judgmental.

Date: November 15, 2017

Location: Marquette

“FACING THE STORM – Jesus Guides Our Witness to a Dying World”

Guest Speaker: Pastor Nathan Strobel

God’s people living in the Western world are seeing the rise of neo-pagan culture. Any sense of an Almighty God who is holy and just is almost lost. Any appreciation for a Savior from sin and death seems unnecessary in our “free” society. Is the Christian faith still relevant? Is Jesus worth standing for as the social conversations get heated? How is the Christian to respond to the discussion and the pushback of our “enlightened” society? Pastor Nathan Strobel of Wisconsin Lutheran College shares the real-life witnessing experience of WLC students in 2008 as they came face-to- face with peers picketing on the side of LGBT rights. Join us for some thought-provoking discussion on God’s people picking up the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, in the face of this “new” world.

Date: October 4, 2016

Location: WU, WLC

“Government in a Christian Light”

Guest Speaker: State Representative Jesse Kremer

Why does the 'state' have a vested interest in ensuring and encouraging that marriage remains a civil institution... even if marriage between a man and a woman has not been protected at the federal level? In school I was taught that most of the Founding Fathers were deists and atheists; is this true? What was the origin of our public schools and why were they begun? Is it probable that within the next 50-100 years Muslim flags could be waving over our statehouses and many aspects of Sharia law be integrated into our statutes?

(This presentation is not intended to be political, but to tie Scripture with our role as Christians when it comes to discussing government. I hope the discussion will open eyes as to how government, especially state government functions, and some issues that we must address within our own churches and schools so that future generations are not only fearless for the Lord, but understand the true history and nature of this nation.)

Date: September 20th, 2016

Location: Alumni Fireside Lounge, UWM

“Starting a Conversation About God - Stories From Sin City”

Guest Speaker: Pastor Aaron Strong

Date: April 2016

“Equality For All”

Guest Speaker: Rachel Greiner

Date: March 2016

“Following a Radical Call in Christ and Education”

Guest Speaker: Henry Tyson

Date: February 2016

Location: WLC

“Leaving the Gay Lifestyle for God's Grace”

Guest Speaker: Scott Barefoot

Date: February 2016

Location: MSOE

“Killing Porn (and other comfortable Christmas thoughts)”

Guest Speaker: Michael Novotny

Date: December 2015

“Being Christian in the Working World”

Guest Speaker: Brian Anderson

Date: November 2015

“Wanted Dead or Alive”

Guest Speaker: Rachel Greiner

Are honest, productive conversations about abortion possible? Are there common arguments and common ground? Is "pro-life" a label or a lifestyle? Let's make the case for life.

Date: October 2015

“Reliability of Scripture”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Mark Braun

Date: September 2015

“Bad Things - Good God?”

Guest Speaker: Paul Kelm

Date: April 2015

“Come to my Web, Said the Spider to the Fly”

Guest Speaker: Pastor Leon Ehlert

Date: March 2015

“Identity - God Know It... Do You?”

Guest Speaker: John Byus

Date: February 2015

“Stressed Out, but Standing Strong”

Guest Speaker: Sarah Reik.

Date: January 2015

“Faith on Trial”

Guest Speaker: Leon Ehlert

Everyone suffers, yet Christians have a promise that God surrounds us with His protection. In this study of Job we will critique four common misconceptions of suffering, learn why theodicy is such an important word, and, most importantly, be drawn to a closer reliance on God through the study of His Word.

Date: December 2014

“Why I Left the Gay Lifestyle”

Guest Speaker: Scott Barefoot

Date: November 2014

“Hooked Up - A Contrarian Guide to Love, Sex and Dating”

Guest Speaker: Jason Ewart

How is it that two people in love can stand at an altar and pledge their undying love to one another and five years later they hate that person more than any other person on the planet? The answer isn't about what happens after the wedding. It's about what happened before the wedding. In this Gathering we won't only discover what makes someone good boyfriend or girlfriend material. We'll talk about how to make the right decisions today to help make sure you end up with the love of your life later.

Date: October 2014

Recap Video

More great resources on relationships from Hope Lutheran and speaker Jason Ewart

Happily Ever After


September 2014 - "Faith is not a Four Letter Word" - presented by Jay Seegert of the Christian Education Center taking a look at the Christian and Athiest worldviews regarding faith and facts. This is a great talk for the Christian helping them reach out to skeptics. In the end even facts are based on a level of interpretation and those interpretations are based on worldview. Faith, is something everyone lives with. Watch the video for more.

May 2014 - "My Criminal Life" - presented by Luke Thompson as we take a look at what our art has to say about the human condition and amazing parallels with the Christian story. For those of you who are fans of the show Dexter and Breaking Bad, this will be a great use of your time. If time is short, watch from about minute 34 on to the end.

April 2014 - "Avoiding a Financial Freakout" - For many students, bills are like monsters. Classes are expensive. Rent, books, food and recreation are all money monsters; they eat up aour calm and empty our wallet. In this Gathering we learn how you as a student can avoid a financial freak out. Benefit from the life wisdom of a presenter who survived college and grad school loans. Claim security and peace from a Guru who's good at linking you to the valueable resource you need the most"

March 2014 - "Scammed" - we explore one ancient author's claim of deception that has taken place on a global scale - an almost unbelievable scam which impacts the course of history and still threatens personal security and identities today.

Evolution: Probale or Problematic - Speaker Jay Seegert (February 2014)

Evolution Q/A with Jay Seegert

Question 1: Talk about Noah and the Flood relating to the Fossil Record.

Question 2: Talk more about the idea of the genetic language.

Question 3: Talk about the issue of Old Earth/New Earth disagreements within Christianity. Can they co-exist, why or why not?

Question 4: Talk about the percentage of Americans that claim they are Christian, but the belief rate of Creation is a much lower percentage.

Nothing New Under the Sun - Speaker James Hein (November 2013)

Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science - speaker Jay Seegert (October 2013)

Download "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" part 1 (right click and select "Save link as")

Download "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" part 2 (right click and select "Save link as")

Download "Evolution/Creation - A Case from Science" Q/A (right click and select "Save link as")

God in the Hyper-Information Age - speaker John Backus (September 2013)

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My Zombie Life - speaker Luke Thompson (April 2013) Take a look under the hood of the zombie culture in american art and culture and see that even how even the bible acknowledges the presence of zombies!

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